2020 in Review: The Most Popular Champions of this LEC

We’re talking the most played winners at the LEC during 2020, and speaking about why they have been used so often amongst our expert players.

This year we watched a massive assortment of winners in each position, together with wacky and off the wall selections being a frequent event. However there were a few stand out champions which our teams at the LEC appeared to favor during their period at the 2020 season. Nowadays, we’re going to have a peek at the hottest winner for every function, and chat about what made them these large priority selections.

Top — Ornn Probuilds

At the upper lane, Ornn was able to pick up the name for many played winner, being chosen in 78 games across the Spring and Summer seasons. Ornn Probuilds priority comes from the kind of his inherent tankiness, his participate possible, unbelievable damage output to get a tank, also, naturally, the capacity to update his teammates’ items for free.

Ornn’s masterwork items are possibly the biggest reason he was played so much this year. The fact that he gives each of his teammates roughly 1,000 gold worth of stats for free each time he levels up past 13 is a huge benefit for high levels of play, where small leads can allow players to take over games.

Let’s not forget that Ornn Pro Builds was also able to grant himself two masterwork items, allowing him to create a giant lead for himself in terms of stats in the top lane, if he manages to keep up in creep score early on. It’s this capability that no doubt drew Rogue’s Finn “Finn” Wiestål to picking him 12 times over the year, and winning 58.3 percent of the games where he took control of Ornn Probuilds.

Jungle — Lee Sin Probuilds

Everyone’s favourite blind monk takes the spotlight here once again. Lee Sin Probuilds was seen in the jungle role 84 times and seen on the ban list 35 times during the LEC in 2020. Many pro players, especially junglers, believe that every good jungler should be able to play Lee Sin Pro Builds at a high level in order to be considered a good player.

LoL Lee Sin Probuilds is considered one of the most mechanics-based champions in the jungle position, and he requires a lot of playtime and skill to pull off correctly. Having the ability to get into the enemy backline and Dragon’s Rage a high priority target right into your squad is one of the best ways to make sure your team is going to win a fight. MAD Lions jungler Zhiqiang”Shad0w” Zhao is famed for his amazing Lee Sin abilities that he showcased several times a season, winning 61.9 percent of those matches he was able to receive his favorite pick.

Lee Sin Probuilds

Mid Lane — Azir Probuilds

The Emperor of all Shurima maintained his place because the king of the mid lane that season around, being picked up at mid 73 times within the duration of 2020. Azir Probuilds capacity to perform in the laning stage, prior to scaling into a group battling monster in the future, is what made him such a top priority. There were quite few champions who may match Azir Pro Builds art throughout 2020, making him reversed in the top for quite a very long moment.

Azir Probuilds made team struggles a nightmare because of his enemies, having the capability to melt the toughest of the rough with comparative ease once he obtained a few soldiers on the area. This made it nearly impossible to take fights when playing against himunless he had been caught out of place. The chances were in his favour, however, as he finished the year with a 53 percent success rate, demonstrating that he deserved his place on the throne.

Bot Lane — Aphelios Probuilds

From the marksman function, we’ve got Aphelios Probuilds since the most played winner with 101 picks throughout the year. Aphelios Pro Builds was a bit too powerful when he had been released, resulting in him being a top priority for quite a while in play.

How he could alter how every team struggle was played determined by which weapons he’d made it a hassle because of his rivals — and occasionally his teammates — to perform . Fans will probably bear in mind a few of the more infamous Aphelios Probuilds minutes from 2020, such as the one under, but some equilibrium changes during the summer months saw the winner ultimately finish the year with a negative triumph rate in Europe. We are going to see whether any additional changes arrive from 2021 to bring him back to the Rift — even if a bit less powerful.

Support — Nautilus Probuilds

The Titan of this Depths was observed in a massive number of games this season — Nautilus Probuilds was chosen a whopping 104 occasions in 2020. The sole winner chose more was Sett, which has been throughout four distinct roles. Having nearly double the selections of the following most popular service, Nautilus was unquestionably a priority select for our players at the LEC.

Together with his large anchor to hook into his opponents and massive quantities of audience control readily available to himall combined with strong ancient game harm, Nautilus Pro Builds was a horror to play . More frequently than not, you would observe Nautilus Probuilds behaving as a secondary jungler, ganking different lanes and helping them in procuring leads — and kills because of his teammates — placing them up to take the late game. His unbelievable tankiness and the massive quantity of danger he posed to squishy winners gave him his rightful place near the peak of the service list.

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